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     Founded in 2002, Hangzhou Wisdom English School has developed into one of the “10 model educational brands” awarded by Education Bureau of Hangzhou after 15 years of hard work. Its high education quality, strict teaching management, spacious learning environment and hi-tech communication models have enjoyed high reputation  and trusts of students and parents. Operating on the principle that “Excellent teachers make best students”, Wisdom English has never stopped its practices of enriching and perfecting its teaching systems and has been endeavoring to help children experience advanced philosophy of education. 

     Currently, Wisdom English specializes in providing a wide variety of high quality education course lectures, ranging from primary school programs to college entrance examination preparations and from lectures on original English book reading to courses for going abroad. The school has produced countless talents to top Senior High Schools and first class universities both at home and abroad. With such prominent achievements, Wisdom English has materialized its commitment to its students and their parents.

Educational idea: 
     With language training as its core, Wisdom English School also devotes to cultivating students’ learning strategies and developing their cultural awareness, thus helping them develop in an all-around way.

Our source:

In accordance with the students’ cognitive level, Wisdom English School inspires students’ curiosity about the English language and culture through effective ways, thereby cultivating students’ creative thinking and developing their source of happiness of learning English.
Through numerous ways of English learning, namely: experience, comparison, analysis and understanding, students are expected to shape creative and dialectical thinking and pursue lifelong learning ability.
A variety of class activities make students actively participate in class and speak English confidently. It helps to build up students’ self-confidence and initiative; thus, bringing into existence and outstanding citizens of the 21st century.
Wisdom English School encourages students to make bold innovations and  actively participate in both inside and outside school activities. It also aims to broaden students’ international horizons and enhance their language output by providing various platforms to speak English.

As a professional English Education & Research brand school for young learners, Wisdom English School adopts an exploratory teaching method and employs a teaching model for multi-thinking to cultivate students’ divergent thinking way, to foster students’ high Emotional Intelligence Quotient, which is to make our students brilliant individuals of twenty-first century.

Professional and unique teaching methods help the children to learn English with satisfaction, great ease and confidence , achieving the transition form plain English education to whole-person education.

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